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We are a charity on a mission to make life better and easier for men with advanced-stage cancers. We want them to enjoy life and have fun by connecting them both in-person and online in supportive environments and through the medium of sport.


Our mission

Our charity's mission is to get men talking by taking them to a variety of sporting events where they can connect over common experiences and gain emotional support from others ‘in the same boat’ We also want to provide an outlet, a way to escape the everyday grind created by cancer, bringing some light-hearted relief and enjoyment to the lives of those living with a difficult diagnosis.


Men are ostriches

Men are more likely to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to confronting and investigating health issues and this is affecting outcomes in male cancers, with many cancers being diagnosed too late. We want to talk to men in their language and raise awareness of advanced-stage male cancers, as well as bringing together those who have already been diagnosed so they can get talking, share pragmatic information with each other, feel support from others in the same boat and enjoy some humour and light relief from the day to day challenges of their illness.


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In-person events

Harnessing the unifying power of sports, we bring our members together in person in small groups to enjoy a variety of sporting events. We create an environment where men can talk and share experiences but where they can also feel normal by escaping the challenges they face in their everyday lives as a result of their cancer.

Even though our website, online forum and Member services are open to anyone in the UK, initially our in-person events take place predominantly in Surrey and the South East


Online community

We provide a private online forum where you can talk to other men with advanced-stage cancers about a variety of things, be they practical or emotional. You're never a burden on anyone, but it can sure feel like it at times. Here, in this space, you can discuss difficult subjects with other like-minded people, knowing that they ‘get it’.

Through our Member portal, you will have access to our online resource centre including men’s coaching, grief counselling, financial advice and more.


Latest fundraising events

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King Alfred’s Way Cycle Ride

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Royal Parks Half Marathon

Everyone is welcome to participate in our annual running events and this one takes you through some of the most historic and scenic London parks and landmarks. We will be…

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Tough mudder

Tough Mudder Obstacle Course

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Make a bid on one of our 'once in a lifetime' experiences



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