The origin story

The Cancer Club is a charity founded in 2020 by Matthew Wiltshire. Sadly, on 17th September 2023 Matthew passed away surrounded by his family. Despite facing his challenging diagnosis for over six years, he courageously continued to live life to the full, putting family and friends at the forefront, and making precious memories with his loved ones throughout. Matthew's legacy lives on through The Cancer Club, with his sons, Oliver and Charlie joining as trustees to carry on this important work in his name. They are dedicated to driving forward the charity's mission with the same dedication, values and passion that meant so much to their father.

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Matthew Wiltshire was the founder of The Cancer Club. When he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015, Matthew had to step down from his successful 30-year career in technology, during which he co-founded Source Consulting and worked with CapGemini. Having struggled to find other men in the same boat to share his experience of cancer with, he created BowelBloke.comas a way to raise awareness of the disease, and to raise funds for charity. He later put his business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to a new use, setting up The Cancer Club to bring men with cancer together, so the burden of illness could be shared and some light relief could be found.Sadly, Matthew passed away in September 2023, spending his final days at The Princess Alice Hospice in Surrey. Today, Matthew’s sons Oliver and Charlie, alongside a team of other trustees, continue the amazing work of The Cancer Club, helping to unite men facing advanced stage cancers through a shared love of sport.


We want to make life better

On a mission to make life better and easier for men with advanced-stage cancers by connecting them both in-person and online in supportive environments that promote a greater sense of wellbeing.


Build a long-term future

Build a sustainable charity with a long term future that can change the way men live with advanced stage cancers. We want to make a practical difference to people’s lives, helping them to feel better than they did prior to knowing us.


Our Trustees

Keith Soley

Keith Soley

In 2020, Keith had to step back from a lengthy career within Lloyds Banking Group after being diagnosed with bowel cancer. With almost four decades of service in various roles at the bank, it was a challenging time, but following his treatment, Keith joined The Cancer Club, finding support and camaraderie connecting with others facing similar challenges. Enjoying the perks of the club, like attending sporting events and bonding with men on similar journeys, became a source of comfort for him. Inspired by his own positive experience with the charity, Keith took on a meaningful role as a Trustee and committed to continuing the club's mission after founder Matt’s passing in September 2023.

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Jason Rabbetts

As the co-founder of Source Consulting and Union Solutions, he’s also on the executive committee at Dorking Wanderers FC, is the chairman of Dorking Community Youth Football Group and a trustee of Dorking Football Development Alliance.

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Lidia Rumley

Lidia is a brand strategist and the founder of The Brand Storyteller. She worked alongside Matthew to establish The Cancer Club’s brand and help bring his vision for the charity to life. She's now a trustee and is passionate about making things better for men dealing with cancer, driven by her own experience of losing her father to the disease in 2015.

Oliver Wiltshire

Oliver Wiltshire

Oliver is the eldest son of The Cancer Club's founder Matthew and assumed the role of trustee alongside his brother Charlie before their father's passing. This enables him to carry on Matt’s legacy and ensure his spirit lives on within the work of the charity. The bond between Oliver and his dad was strengthened through their own shared experiences of attending sporting events and playing golf together. Their first-hand encounters emphasise the power of sports in bringing people together.

Charlie Wiltshire

Charlie Wiltshire

Charlie is the second son of The Cancer Club's founder Matthew and joined as a trustee alongside his brother Oliver and the other trustees. Having supported Matt’s vision from the outset, he is committed to contributing to the charity's ongoing mission and keeping his dad’s memory alive. Sport, a constant in Charlie and Oliver's upbringing, remains a source of passion and joy, embodying the sense of connection and togetherness they want to bring to members of The Cancer Club


Our  Patrons

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Raymond Turner

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Our Heroes

The Weybridge Charity

We would like to make a special mention to The Weybridge Charity who kindly awarded us a grant to help make the launch of the charity possible. A big thank you!


Pitch International is a full-service sports marketing agency with the representation and advisory of media rights at its heart. Pitch works with many of the most esteemed brands in sport, also providing services in sponsorship sales, event management and content production.


The Champions League

The Champions League is made up of individuals who want to go above and beyond with their financial support. The people in The Champions League are committed to our cause, and will typically offer more than their financial support, often bringing the connections and influence needed to help us expand our reach, helping more men with advanced cancer. In The Champions League, if so desired, you can have a say in where your money is invested, by sponsoring specific events and projects.